Here are links to the Genbank entries for proteins of interest to the lab:

C1-THF synthase (and related proteins)

Cytoplasmic isozymes
human trifunctional (MTHFD1) mouse trifunctional (MTHFD1) rat trifunctional (MTHFD1) Xenopus laevis (MTHFD1)
S. cerevisiae ADE3 S. cerevisiae monofunctional (MTD1) S. pombe ADE3 S. pombe MTD1
Drosophila cytoplasmic fall armyworm cytoplasmic    
Mitochondrial isozymes
human C1-THF synthase (MTHFD1L) mouse C1-THF synthase (MTHFD1L) Rat C1-THF synthase (MTHFD1L) Chimp C1-THF synthase (MTHFD1L)
human bifunctional (MTHFD2) mouse bifunctional (MTHFD2) opossum C1-THF synthase (MTHFD1L) human MTHFD2L
S. cerevisiae MIS1 S. pombe MIS1 Drosophila bifunctional mouse MTHFD2L


Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR)

yeast MET13 yeast MET12 Arabidopsis-1
Arabidopsis-2 Zea maize human
mouse E. coli  

Methenyltetrahydrofolate synthetase (MTHFS)

S.cerevisiae human rabbit
C. elegans S. pombe  

AICAR Transformylase/IMP Cyclohydrolase

 S.c. ADE17  S.c. ADE16  human
 chicken  rat  E. coli

Methionine Synthase (B12-independent)

 S. cerevisiae (MET6) E. coli (metE) S. pombe (MET26)
C. albicans (MET6)